A dark-haired woman sits in front of a dune on Sylt and wears a blue patterned cashmere scarf knotted around her neck. She is wearing an orange and red knitted sweater with it.

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A woman on the beach of Sylt on a sunny day holds her oversized cashmere scarf SYLT in the color olive in her right hand and the wind blows it towards the camera. The scarf's plaid knit pattern is reminiscent of waves and the sea. The color of the scarf goes well with her gray wool coat.

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Der Strickschal BERLIN mit großen Karos in der Farbe haselnuss liegt in Falten gelegt.

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A young brunette woman sits in the high grass on the island of Sylt and beams into the camera. She wears the classic knitted scarf LONDON by Emaal Cashmere made of 100% cashmere in the color cappuccino as an accessory to a dark brown wool sweater. The scarf is loosely knotted around the neck. The straight shape of this light summer scarf perfectly hides the neckline at the neck. An absolute classic for men and women
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