How to recognize good cashmere?

Good cashmere can be identified by several characteristics. Here are some clues that can indicate high quality cashmere:

Softness and smoothness

Good cashmere feels exceptionally soft and smooth. When you touch the cashmere piece, it should feel comfortable against your skin.

Density and fullness

High quality cashmere has a high density of fibers, resulting in a thick and complete structure. Hold the clothing against the light to check if it is opaque.

Fineness of the fibers

The finer the individual cashmere fibers, the higher the quality of the cashmere. Fine cashmere has a smaller thickness and is known for its thermal insulation properties.

Low tendency to pilling

While pilling cannot be completely avoided in cashmere, high quality cashmere is less prone to forming nodules. Pay attention to whether the cashmere piece already has pilling or if it might be prone to it.

Elasticity and shape retention

Good cashmere has a certain elasticity and returns to its original shape after stretching or wearing. It retains its shape even after repeated wear and washing.

However, it is important to note that these characteristics alone are not always enough to determine the quality of cashmere.