Our cashmere production

EMAAL stands for high quality cashmere products. For us there are several reasons why we like to have the EMAAL cashmere scarves produced in China:

Tradition and Experience

China has a long history in processing cashmere. The production of cashmere products is a traditional craft that has been passed down through generations in China. As a result, Chinese manufacturers have extensive experience and expertise in cashmere processing.

Access to high quality cashmere

China is one of the main producers of cashmere in the world. The country has large herds of cashmere goats that provide high-quality fiber. This access to high-quality cashmere allows Chinese manufacturers to produce high-quality cashmere products.

Economies of scale

China has a large and diverse textile industry. This means that production capacity in China is often extensive, allowing for economies of scale. Mass production allows Chinese manufacturers to reduce costs and offer competitive prices.

Infrastructure and technology

China has invested significantly in its infrastructure and technology in recent decades. This has resulted in advanced production facilities and efficient supply chains. Chinese manufacturers can utilize modern production methods while delivering high quality cashmere products.

Of course, we know that not all cashmere products produced in China are automatically high quality. Choosing a trustworthy and ethical manufacturer remains crucial to ensure that cashmere products meet the desired standards. We have done that and stand by it 100%.