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Herren Kaschmirschal blau

Always look your best with a cashmere scarf for men

EMAAL understands it as a mission to make the unmistakable wearing comfort and timeless elegance of cashmere equally accessible to women and men. Men also appreciate the benefits of cashmere wool and will find a wide selection of designs and colors at EMAAL to suit every personal taste. You can add colorful accents to your outfit and at the same time wrap yourself in warmth and security naturally. You can feel it with your own hands when you stroke the fluffy cashmere. It keeps you cozy and warm in winter and pleasantly cool in summer. With a cashmere scarf from EMAAL you treat yourself to fluffy luxury and can choose for yourself which shape and which color harmonize best with your personal style.

Mann mit Kaschmirschal

The diversity of the world of cashmere from EMAAL

For every occasion and every season you will find your perfect favorite piece at EMAAL. All our creations are inspired by the special beauty of distant countries and places, such as our model Budapest: In classic gray and in the dimensions 170x45cm it reflects with its pattern the emotional world of the Hungarian capital. Loosely tied around the neck, it gives you warmth and accentuates soothingly to your outfit. Cashmere is light as a feather and thus fits effortlessly into any bag. You can wear our cashmere scarves in everyday life and in your leisure time, go on trips with them and explore new countries. Cashmere is the expression of timeless elegance that not only makes you look dignified, but also wraps you in a softness that inspires every man to dream.