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The world of cashmere in all sizes and colors

Cashmere scarves and shawls are our passion. On extensive travels we found inspiration for our elegant designs and patterns, which give every outfit that certain extra. At EMAAL you will find an exclusive selection of the finest cashmere wool in a wide variety of colors and sizes. Whether classic-decent, monochrome or rather colorful with a hint of hippie look - with us you will find the perfect fashion accessory for every taste and every wearer. Cashmere is considered one of the most exclusive natural fibers worldwide, as it combines unique properties. The ultra-soft cashmere wool literally snuggles up to its wearer. Scarves made of cashmere keep you pleasantly warm on balmy summer evenings as well as on frosty winter days and create a comfortable feeling of security and warmth with their natural properties. Once you have enjoyed the pleasure of cashmere wool on your skin, you will not want to miss this cozy feeling.

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EMAAL cashmere scarves are an expression of personality

It is the fine sense of quality and elegance that makes EMAAL so distinctive. As impressive as the quality of our scarves and shawls made of cashmere is, as lively and full of feelings you will experience our designs. The natural color accents in combination with carefully selected patterns result in a multitude of possible combinations that will leave you feeling wonderfully enlightened. You'll find the perfect complement to your look for every occasion and every season. All of our designs reflect the beauties of places and countries, while being so feather-light that they fit effortlessly into any purse. They create space for dreaming and wrap you in warmth and security in their unique way. Be it an XXL cashmere scarf, a triangular scarf or a small compact scarf - at EMAAL you will find your fluffy favorite in your favorite color.